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The forever green concept
“Wewai Dagebai, Gamai Pansalai”

The entwined relationship between Water reservoirs and Stupa, village and temple depicts the long-lasting bond between the villagers and the traditional Agriculture. In fact, this traditionally practiced agriculture, created momentum of life for every aspect of Ancient Sri Lanka, including the kings, villagers and farmers.

As a country equipped with traditional agro-wisdom and technology,

“Science of Life, indigenous practice of medication: Ayurveda” as well as high spiritual well being incorporated with the teachings of Lord Buddha, Sri Lanka had utilized a self-sufficient lifestyle. Rice: our staple food played a major role in the creation of this wonderful, healthy, wise and strong nation who constructed fascinating places like Sigiriya- the 08th Wonder of World and Parakrama Samudraya as well as strong armies with “Dasa Maha Yodayo”(10 giants) during the reign of King Weera Gamunu.


During the ancient days, we have cultivated over 15,000 traditional Sri Lankan varieties of rice. In the dark Colonial era between 1505 and 1948, the country lost many national inherits that were protected and developed by ancient patriotic kings. Traditional Sri Lankan rice was also among them. General Robert Brownrigg, 1st Baronet GCB (8th Feb1758 – 27 April 1833) was a British statesman and soldier who brought the last remaining areas of Hela Bima (Sri Lanka) under British rule, used brutal strategies to surrender Sri Lankan patriots who fought to safeguard their motherland. As a part of his strategy to dilute the efforts of Sri Lankan patriots, Robert Brownrigg destroyed.

Atu Kotu (Paddy storages of the nation),
Waw Amunu (water reservoirs), and
All male above 16 years old.

As a result, we lost our traditional rice varieties with many other national resources over 1000 years of history.


We all depend on food

British destroyed our national food, especially traditional rice with high levels of nutrients and medicinal values and substituted unhealthy foods and lifestyles. They later introduced poisonous, harmful agrochemicals and chemical fertilizers devaluing traditional paddy seeds, traditional human loving, nature friendly agro-wisdom and techniques in view of opening, expanding and establishing new markets and better playground for the hospital and pharmaceutical industry.

As victims of this national disaster, our human lives are under a severe trap. Therefore, gradually the quality of the nation began to deteriorate; life span, physical and mental strengths, and life force energies started to disappear.

Later came the so called GREEN REVOLUTION introducing agro-chemicals causing agro- chemical diseases such as:

● Chronic Kidney Disease
● Cancers
● Diabetes
● Heart Diseases
● Strokes
● Infertility
● Abortions

Going Against The Roots

Although the traditional agriculture and its secrets are still safely engraved within the society, many farmers have turned towards fast and furious agricultural practices with adverse impacts for the consumers as well as the environment. The use of chemical fertilizers, weedicides, pesticides and fungicides has become so massive in the last few decades, causing “the silent spring to turn into noisy summer.” These malpractices not only destroy Mother Nature but also deprive healthy living standards for future generations.

AGRO-CHEMICAL RELATED diseases, mainly the CKDU disease (Chronic Kidney Disease) which has been widely spread among many local villagers is directly related to the exposure of poisonous agro-chemicals. Therefore, if we do not take immediate action to revive our lifestyles, the delay will cause immeasurable remorse.