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Power of silence – Right Vision with Right Action

  • 2006 started this journey by restoring and colour washing Ruwanweli Maha Seya in 2006 signifying the 2550 Sambuddha Jayanthi
  • 2006 started educating farmers about the dangers of agro-chemical usage
  • 2007 researched to find ancient, traditional, lost paddy varieties
  • 2009 started to cultivate ancient traditional Sri Lankan paddy varieties
  • 2010 – 2011 – 2012 activities expanded to Kurunegala, Trincomalee, Mulativ districts
  • 2013 commenced an educational program, locally and internationally to create and expand new markets for healthy rice
  • 2014 carried our message to the world introducing Hela Bima Rice to USA and Germany
  • 2015 Hela Bima World and Rice for Life AG projects were established in the USA and Germany respectively to carry out educational and marketing activities for our rice and to inculcate HEALTHY PRACTICES
  • 2017 started to build technically advanced FIRST ORGANIC RICE MILL in Sri Lanka
  • 2018 Weera Gamunu Effort is taking part in promoting poison free agriculture under the National Food Program with the patronage of the Presidential Secretariat


Our culture, Sri Lankan culture is agriculture. The WEERA GAMUNU EFFORT empowers and motivates farmers to conserve their values and traditions conserving our culture, which is absolutely human loving and nature friendly. Our effort is to actually go BEYOND ORGANIC: that is to generate ENERGY for OUR HEALTH without chemicals. Producing food is not only important for the physical body but also for mind and soul.

Our agriculture and food, contribution of farmers was the cause for..

What is the specialty of “HELA” Nation?

Ancient Sri Lankans were empowered with

Three powers:

Ayu bale – power of long life

Dehe bale – power of physical fitness

Buddhi bale – power of mental strengths

Four riches:
a. Dharma – awareness of law of nature
b. Artha – materialistic success, abundance
c. Kame – sensual pleasures
d. Moksha – accomplishing a path of enlightenment

What was the role of Traditional Sri Lankan Farmer?

The traditional farmer was a wisdom keeper. He was aware of the secrets of nature and the universe. Agriculture was the application of his wisdom, understanding his duty and responsibility for the nation. Ancient Sri Lankan farmers were highly respected by kings.

What is the current situation of farmers and their future?

Nowadays, farmers are in darkness and of pathetic survival. That is why WEERA GAMUNU EFFORT was introduced to bring light to traditional rice farmers for the betterment of their future. IT IS NOT profit oriented but it is also a BUSINESS. It is a great service to the health and wellbeing of humanity.

What is the dark side of modern day farming practices?

Many people have lost their precious health and also their lives because of poisonous food, poisoned by harmful AGRO-CHEMICALS, weedicides, pesticides, fungicides and the like.

Ignorance was misconception, based on wrong view. They misguided farmers to have only tomato plants in tomato cultivation considering all others as WEEDS. In paddy fields, out of paddy, all other precious herbs with rare and high Ayurvedic values were misevaluated as WEEDS and destroyed. Healthy plants which naturally grow on paddy fields; Mukunuwanna, Gotukola, Monarakudumbiya, Welpenela, Iguru, Kaha, Kaladuru all were mis-considered as weeds and thus destroyed our biodiversity, and the fertility of my motherland.

OUR Message for the Nation & World

Let’s have a look at the view of Dr. Abeywickrama
‘’I was taught by my great teacher, the late wisdom keeper, Master Ariesen Ahubudu,
to love my motherland like I love my own mother. ‘’How can I accept the application of poisonous harmful agro-chemicals on my motherland?
I cannot! Do you?
So started the spring of WEERA GAMUNU EFFORT, human loving, nature friendly (beyond) organic paddy cultivation and preventive medicine.

Hybrid, genetically modified (GMO) seeds vs Traditional seed;

Hybrid seeds cannot grow easily without AGRO CHEMICALS. Hybrid seeds are made to create a market for agro-chemicals and pharmaceutical products. Now, intelligent people have realized the link between agro-chemicals, diseases, pharmaceuticals.

Do you think that pharmaceutical companies have compassion to help you with your disease?
Don’t you think that Pharmaceutical companies have marketing strategies to increase their sales, annual revenue and profit?
THEN, who is going to be the victim?
Healthy, happy people!
What did the father of Western Medicine, Hipporcrates tell?

“Let food be the medicine. Let the medicine be the food.”

RANKEMA, Traditional Sri Lankan Organic Rice
Health, Strength, Recovery and Regeneration.

May you all be healthy and happy!
Sabbe satta Araratithika!
Sabbe satta Bhawantu suki thattha!
Weera Gamunu Effort,
Rankema, traditional Sri Lankan organic rice.